Railing experts is now serving the Okanagan!!!

No more paying high premium prices in the Okanagan for Aluminum Railings. You can now get Lower Mainland prices directly through our company. Simply submit a drawing to us (please visit our “get a free quote” tab for instructions) and we will be able to provide you a price for the entire railing package needed for your project.

Our railing is a easy to install and is designed as a DIY system that anyone can do. We will be doing weekly deliveries so you can receive your orders right away and delivered directly to your house. Deliveries are usually done on Fridays and Saturdays. Special arrangements can be made for other days.

Installation is available as well. Installation jobs will be pushed until we have enough confirmed jobs to justify sending up a team of installers. In the summer, that’s usually once every 3 weeks. Still, our lead time is quicker than any other railing provided in the Okanagan.

With us you will have better prices and a quicker lead time! We will be servicing Vernon to Osoyoos.

*Any orders below $2,500 will be subject to a 10% delivery charge.
*Any orders between $2,501 – $5,000 will be subject to a 5% delivery charge.
*Any orders above $5,001 will be free delivery.

*If you need immediate delivery, special rates will apply.

*If you pick up your order from our warehouse, you can pick up within 48 hours of order confirmation.