All of our Glass panels are compatible with the Regal Railing and ProBuilt railing systems including their Wind Wall System. These railings systems are are typically sold at the big box stores such as Rona, Home Hardware, Windsor Plywood, Nelson Lumber and Fed-Coop just to name a few. These companies currently don’t offer Tinted or Frosted glass panels with their system. Just buy all your Regal or ProBuilt railings from the store but buy your glass from us. Our glass panels will cost you triple the price at your local glass dealer. Price it out and see for yourself!

Please checkout our photo Gallery for pictures of our tinted and frosted glass panels. 

We offer free shipping in BC, AB, SK, MB for all orders over $2,200.
We offer free shipping to all other Provinces for orders above $2,750.

For all orders under our pre-paid shipping limits, please send us a list of glass panels you need along with your address so we can figure out the shipping charge.