For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What do you charge per linear feet?


A: That depends on many factors. Are you looking for top mounted or side mounted posts? Is it anchoring to concrete or wood surface? Are you looking for Pickets or Glass railings? Typically you are looking at $30 - $37 per foot for a picket railing and $40 - $50 per foot for a glass railing. 


Q: What is your lead time for installation once you get the job?


A: Typically we have all our jobs installed within a week from the time we get the go ahead. This is weather dependent. A wet deck is a safety issue for us so the only thing that may delay work is rain or snow. 


Q: How long does it take to install the railing?


A: Depending on the size of the job but a typical 40' - 60' linear foot deck take about 4 - 6 hours to install. About 95% of the jobs we get are installed within the same day. 


Q: How much deposit do you need?


A: We don't take a deposit. We do the work first but full payment is due immediately after the installation. 


Q: How do I get a quote?


A: There is a few ways...

First way is for you to email us a simple "birds eye view" layout of your deck with exact edge to edge measurements along with a few pictures. We will run the numbers and email you back a price. Keep in mind that we will have to do a site visit anyways to confirm the measurements you have given us before we can continue but at least It will give you an idea on what you should be looking at for pricing.

The second way is to make an appointment with us so we can meet you at your home or job site. That way we can take our own measurements and discuss different options and finalize the price on the spot. 


Q: Is your product Aluminum and is it Powder Coated


A: Yes and yes. We use high quality Aluminum parts and everything including the hardware is powder coated as well and is backed by our warranty. 


Q: What is your warranty?


A: We have a 10 year warranty which covers any structural and paint defects. 


Q: Which cities do you service?


A: We service all over the Lower Mainland BC. From West Vancouver to Chilliwack.