Make sure to take edge to edge measurements. Once the measurements are done, simply email them in to us so we can figure out a materials list. .



Attach all the side mount brackets. From section to section, start with the ends first. Each bracket has a width of 2.25". Once the two outer brackets are attached, take the measurement between the brackets. From that distance, deduct 2.25" for every bracket in between. Lastly, divide that number by the number of sections which will give you the inside to inside run between all the brackets.



Remove the bottom base plates and slide posts inside the side mount brackets. If you are using top mounted posts, leave the base plates on and use the lags to secure onto the surface.



Take the measurement from inside the posts in each section. From that number, deduct 0.5" and cut both the top and bottom rail. Slide rails inside the post brackets. Once all the rails are cut and in place, you may have to shim some of the side mount brackets with washers to make the top rail is nice and straight.



Once the rails are all straight and screwed in, you are now ready to attach pickets and/or install the glass.


We will supply a blueprint drawing detailing how many sections will be in each run along, the glass size being used and the size of rail that you will need to cut from. We will also provide all the hardware needed as well. There are other small helpful hints that we will explain when we drop off the materials. A job site such as the one in the pictures should take an average of 3 - 5 hours total.

​Tools and materials you will need....
1. Mitre saw with a non ferrous metal blade
2. Tape measure
3. Drill with drill bits
4. Level
5. 3/8" Washers (for shimming posts)
6. Rubber mallet